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Getting a new debit card can seem overwhelming - especially if your old card was linked to multiple providers. CardSwap allows SVB cardholders to quickly and conveniently update their card information for multiple providers in a centralized location within Digital Banking. It’s the one place to update your payment information for over 100 providers including streaming services, online subscriptions, shopping sites and more. Once your new card information is entered, it’s easy to apply it across multiple merchants bringing your new card to top of wallet for these payments. If your card is expiring, CardSwap will notify you and allow for updating all of your providers with the new card in one simple, hassle free step.

How does it work?

Log in to Digital Banking and add your SVB debit card information. Select the providers(s) you would like to pay with your card and then enter the login credentials for the providers. CardSwap will do the rest. You will only have to enter provider log in information for the initial setup. After the link is made with the provider CardSwap will remember it for any future switches.  

How long does it take?

In most cases the swaps happen immediately but it may take up to 24 hours if there are issues with login authentication or the provider’s website.

How do I get started?

You can execute a CardSwap in three easy steps. Get started by logging in to Digital Banking and selecting Payment Switch under the Requests section of the menu.
select payment switch from the menu

Select the option for switching your Debit card.
select to switch cards

Click on Get Started and you’re on your way…
Get Started page

Step 1 - Select from an extensive list of providers for which you can update your payment card.
Select from the list of providers

Step 2 - Enter in your SVB Debit Card information and click on Add Card.
Screen where you enter debit card information

Note: you may be prompted to Save the card. This is a browser setting and is not required for the CardSwap service. It is your choice if you wish to save the card.

You will only need to add your card once. After it has been added the system will store it to make it easy to update any provider.

Step 3 – Complete the information needed to verify the provider account. Authentication requirements differ by provider. If an end user is required to enter a code or answer a security question to access the account outside of CardSwap then that same requirement will be applied in CardSwap. The system will verify your credentials. After your credentials are verified, click on Link Account.
Login screen for the providers

A confirmation message will appear. Click Finish to finalize the request.
Confirmation that the request has been successfully submitted

Once your card has been successfully linked to the provider it will appear on the main screen.

Main Screen Navigation

The main screen has the following options:

  • Add an additional SVB debit card
  • Link more accounts
  • Swap your current SVB debit card
  • Set up notifications.

Adding an additional SVB debit card

If you have multiple SVB debit cards and would like to add another one in CardSwap, simply click on the plus sign to the right of your enrolled card. Enter all of the card details and click on Add Card.

Choose add another card

After a provider is linked to the card, it will appear on the main screen.

main screen with new card appears

Link More Accounts (Providers)

To link more provider accounts click on Link Account on the bottom menu.
Link account button

This opens the provider screen for you to select which providers you would like to link. Note: if you have set up multiple SVB debit cards there will be a dropdown in the provider account linking screen for you to select the appropriate card.

Swap your current SVB Debit Card

If your card has expired or has become compromised, you can easily swap to your new card by selecting Swap Card on the bottom menu.
swap card button

Add the information for the new card. The system will initiate the linking for each of the providers set up and update them with the new card at top of wallet.


Select Notification or Setup Now under Notifications at the bottom of the screen to receive email or SMS messaging. The system will default to the contact information associated with your account. Select the toggle to the right to turn on the notification.
Turn on notifications

Select +Add to add more options for notifications. Choose the delivery method.
Delivery methods list

Enter the new delivery method information.
Adding an email address

A Verification code will be sent to the new notification delivery method.
Verification code box

Enter the code to complete the addition.

Potential Notifications you may receive:



Verification code

Code generated to verify notification setup.

Card payment method is expiring

Your card is expiring in xx days. Please update your card to avoid missing a payment.

General Hold

We couldn’t update your payment method because of an issue with your account. Please go to the provider directly to update your payment method.

No subscription/inactive subscription

We couldn’t add your card because you don’t have an active subscription with this provider. Please activate your subscription and try again.

Exceeded number of cards to be stored

We can’t update your payment method because the provider won’t allow any more cards to be added. Please sign in directly on the provider’s website to remove a payment method and try again.

Card already in use

We can’t update your payment method because your card has already been added to another user’s account. Contact the provider directly to resolve this issue, then try again.

Card not accepted by provider

We can’t update your payment method because this card isn’t accepted by the provider. Contact the provider directly to resolve this issue, then try again.

Technical issues – can’t complete swap

We couldn’t update your payment method because of a technical problem. Please try again.

User not the main account holder

We can’t update your payment method because you aren’t the primary account holder for this provider. Please provide the username and password of the main account holder.

3rd Party supported (iTunes, Amazon etc.)

We couldn’t update your payment method because you’re paying for your subscription though iTunes or Amazon. To change your payment method, select iTunes or Amazon from the list of providers to add your card.

3rd Party not supported (PayPal, Google Play, etc.)

We couldn’t update your payment method because you’re paying for your subscription through a third-party provider (like PayPal or Google Play). Please go to the third-party provider directly to update your payment method.

iTunes account uses Apple Pay

Your payment method could not be updated because y9our iTunes payments are made via Apple Pay. Please update your payment method directly through Apple Pay.

Disney+ 3rd Party (iTunes, Verizon, etc.)

Your Disney+ subscription is currently being paid by a third-party provider such as iTunes, Verizon or the Disney bundle. Sign in to your Disney+ account if you want to change the payment method to your card.