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Approval alerts for drafted payments


Register to receive alerts when a payment is awaiting your approval

This feature applies to the Corporate Edition of Digital Banking

If you have approval entitlements for any corporate payment types, you can register your preferred method of contact when a payment is drafted and ready for your approval. This will allow the payment drafter to select you from a list of approval contacts to notify.

Step 1 - Click on the Settings option in the menu and choose “Set Approval Alerts”

Step 2 - Select “Add Email”

Note: you do not need to create an Authorization Code as the screen suggests.

Step 3 - Enter in your email address and click “Save”. Your email address will populate on the screen.

Step 4 - Then select the applicable payment types you wish to be eligible to receive alerts for and click “Submit”

When the initiator creates a payment, the approver will appear in the drop down to select for an alert.