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Admin guide for Business Edition


Business user management

The following steps will guide an administrator through adding a new user to Digital Banking.

From the left menu bar, select Administration and then Manage Users. Click the Add User button located on the top right side of the screen.

User Details

Complete the user details, including personal and login information fields.

Personal Details include:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Country - Note: US Carrier phone number is required for Business Bill Pay enrollments
  • Phone Number

Login Details include:

  • User Name
  • Password & Confirmation Password

Click Save New User Details.

Additional Authentication is required for the administrator to add a user. A secure access code must be entered to authorize this update.

Note: The new user will be prompted to change the password during their initial login session.


In this section the entitlements to transactions, features, and accounts are assigned to the user. Also transaction limits can be established.

Check Reorder Access to submit a check re-order request. Contact the Concierge Desk 888-322-2120 for initial check order.
Funds Transfers Access to submit internal transfer requests between enabled accounts. Account must have deposit and withdraw access.
Stop Payment Access to submit stop payment requests via Digital Banking.
Bill Pay Access to Bill Pay screen once Business Bill Pay enrollment request is successfully submitted, and users are enabled via Business Bill Pay Administration screen.


In the Rights section, select the appropriate entitlements for the user.

  • Draft – schedule transaction for approval to process
  • Approve – approve transactions scheduled by other users
  • Cancel – cancel transactions
  • View – entitle user to which transactions they can view in the Activity Center

In the Approval Limits section, enter the maximum amount and count limits for each transaction type. This can be set Daily Per Account, Daily Total, and Monthly total.


The Features tab displays the various elements that users can be entitled to. Select the appropriate features the user should be entitled to.

Feature Description:

Enable Centrix Positive Pay Access to Positive Pay single sign-on screen.
Statement Image Access to view Online Statements.
Manage User Access to Administration menu option to create new users, and assign rights to transactions, features, and accounts.
Enable Account Closure Request Access deposit account closure request form.
Enable Lockbox SSO Access to Lockbox single sign-on screen.
Enable Remote Deposit Capture Access to Remote Deposit Capture single sign-on screen.
Enable Travel Notification Request Access to Travel Notification request form.
Fiserv Digital Wallet Enable access to Card Manager (debit card mgmt.) app via SVB Private Mobile Banking App.
Enable Multi-Transfer Access to set up and submit multiple transfer instructions via one screen



The Accounts tab allows for entitling View, Deposit, and Withdraw capability for each account. To view all eligible accounts when giving access, select to Unhide unassigned accounts. Click Save when account access has been selected.