Special notice to quickbooks, quicken and mint.com users


Instructions for updating your connections to Digital Banking

For users of Inuit services such as Mint.com, QuickBooks and Quicken, please note that the conversion to Digital Banking will impact the ability of your Intuit application to retrieve data. Below is information that will help you modify your connection settings after conversion on Nov 13th..

[!] Note: You must complete the First Time Login for Converting Users process at least once to activate your Digital Banking profile and reset your password. This must be done for each username that you plan to use. You will then need to update your username and new password within your Intuit application per the instructions below.

Conversion instructions by product

Mint.com - download instructions for how to relink your accounts after 5 days.

QuickBooks Online - download instructions if you use the web-based version of QuickBooks.

Windows Applications

Mac OSX Applications