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Loan payments now available online

You can now make loan payments to your eligible loan accounts through Digital Banking.

Choose from making payments either from your SVB Private deposit account, or directly from an account at another institution.

From SVB Private accounts

To make a payment to a loan from a SVB Private deposit account, choose “Between Accounts” from the “Transfers & Payments” menu and make the payment the same way you would make a transfer between two deposit accounts.

From external accounts (Private client edition only)

Once you've added your external deposit account, which can be linked instantly in most circumstances, you can transfer to certain mortgage, line of credit and consumer loan accounts directly from your external account.

How payments are applied

Your payments will be applied to any outstanding bill amount or projected bill amount first. Any payment over the billed/projected bill amount will be applied first to outstanding fees, if any are due, then to the principal balance.

For questions about making online payments or to inquire as to how your payment will be applied to your loan, please contact our Concierge Desk at (888) 322-2120.