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Marshall Hawks
marshall hawks
Market Manager - Hardware & Infrastructure Software
Silicon Valley Bank
Marshall is the Market Manager for all pre-public Hardware & Infrastructure Software companies in the SF Bay Area. His responsibilities include client relationship management, sales, and risk management for venture-backed and independent technology companies across the Silicon Valley and greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Prior to joining SVB at the beginning of 2009, Marshall worked at several financial institutions including Wells Fargo, Greater Bay Bank and Comerica Bank. Across all of those firms he was focused on working with and lending to venture-backed technology companies.

Marshall holds a BA in Economics from Sonoma State University.
San Francisco, CA

United States, Northern California, Central Coast CA, Southern California, Mid Atlantic, Midwest, New England, New York, Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain, Southeast, Southwest, Central, Texas, International, Europe, Canada, China, Israel

Specializing in:
Growth Capital, Venture Banking, Venture Debt

Twitter: @marshallhawks