Giving a Voice to Innovative Companies

We amplify the voices of our clients by advancing policies that remove obstacles and spur growth for technology and life science companies and their investors.

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Tech and healthcare executives share insights into key public policy issues such as future business conditions, access to talent, impact of regulations, healthcare costs, cybersecurity and corporate taxes. SVB provides perspective through its annual Startup Outlook reports, in which we analyze survey responses of 1,100 technology and healthcare executives primarily doing business in the US, UK, China and Canada.

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Leadership in Tech and the Community view of Silicon Valley

SVB’s CEO Greg Becker serves in leadership roles of prominent technology advocacy groups. He is a Class A director for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and a member of the Executive Council of TechNet and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. SVB leaders also serve in leadership roles in organizations such as the Bay Area Council, Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County and Housing Trust Silicon Valley.