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Welcome. Founders Playbook is a curated collection of playlists covering a broad range of topics to help you attract funding and build a successful startup.

Start with SVB Startup Banking’s Jake Mendel’s playlist featuring key topics for startups.
Jake Mendel
VP, SVB Startup Banking

Playlist 1: Securing and Managing Investors

The entrepreneurial economy is fueled by startup capital. When you’re a founder, understanding the different types of investors who may provide you with funding and navigating the consequences of various financing mechanisms is critical.


Playlist 2: Fundraising Mechanics

If startup capital fuels the entrepreneurial economy, its currency is equity. Founders need to understand the various finance and legal mechanics at work behind ownership, as they will ultimately determine who owns how much of your company.


Playlist 3: Running Your Startup

As a founder, you shepherd your company’s products from design to delivery. But you’re also responsible for your company’s day-to-day operations. So, you need to know about business incorporation and accounting basics. Choosing the right cofounder and accelerator can also help you succeed.

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