An audio playbook with advice from founders for founders

Being a founder is a lonely road

As you forge ahead with a single-minded focus on your idea, you don’t have to walk it alone. We’re here to lend you a hand with advice from founders, VCs and more. Listen to the playlist below that’s most helpful. Or build your own playlist – just browse the audios, select Build Playlist and save your favorites.

Playlist 1:
Securing and Managing Investors


Playlist 2:
Fundraising Mechanics


Playlist 3:
Running Your Startup


Playlist 1: Securing and Managing Investors


Startup capital is the fuel of the entrepreneurial economy. As a founder, understanding the different types of investors who may provide you with funding and navigating the consequences of various financing mechanisms is critical.

"Find someone that’s completely aligned with your best interests.”


Noah Kraft, founder of startup Doppler Labs

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Playlist 2: Fundraising Mechanics


If startup capital fuels the entrepreneurial economy, equity is its currency. Understanding the various finance and legal mechanics behind ownership is vital, as they will essentially determine who owns how much of your company.

"If you can bootstrap, you can negotiate better terms from a position of strength.”


Scott Dettmer, Lawyer at Gunderson Dettmer

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Playlist 3: Running Your Startup


As a founder, you’re likely busy designing, building and delivering a new product, but you also have to run the business. As such, you need to learn about business incorporation and accounting basics. Choosing the right cofounder and building a useful advisory board will also go a long way toward helping you succeed.

“If every $1 of investment is generating $3 in profits, you’re obligated to pour on more jet fuel.”


Tim Lipton, Startup and Early Stage Advisor, CFO

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