Webcast - Fraud Prevention: Anatomy of an Account Takeover (On Demand)

 |  October 06, 2017

Webinar: Fraud Prevention: Anatomy of an Account Takeover

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Fraud via account takeover can cost companies billions each year. It touches firms of all sizes. View this exclusive webcast in our Fraud Prevention Series: Anatomy of an Account Takeover.

During the webcast, we share:

  • How a client almost lost half a million dollars to criminals overseas
  • How the Neverquest malware attack unfolded
  • The orchestrated takeover of a client’s online banking, email, and mobile phone accounts
  • The widespread risks of account takeover
  • How IBM® Security Trusteer RapportTM can help you can avoid becoming a victim

Featured Speakers:  

  • Debi Kutaka, Senior Manager, Financial Crimes Risk Management, SVB
  • Shawn Lawson, Senior Director, Cyber Security, SVB
  • Rob Zerby, Senior Director, Financial Intelligence Unit, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Shaked Vax, Identity and Anti-Fraud Solutions Strategist, IBM Security*

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This material is provided for informational purposes only. The conclusions expressed are based upon limited information available to Silicon Valley Bank regarding your company's fraud detection and prevention programs, and should not be seen as a substitute for obtaining your own independent assessment of such programs. The security of your operating system and your procedures for conducting banking transactions with us remains your responsibility. Silicon Valley Bank is not responsible for any cost, claim or loss associated with your use of this material.  

*IBM is an independent third-party and is not affiliated with SVB Financial Group.  


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