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  • Ning Li, Co-Founder & CEO, Made.com

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    We recognise that hardware is the foundation of technological progress. And in today's landscape, hardware businesses are under pressure to constantly advance to meet the evolving needs of the market.

    Silicon Valley Bank has worked with hardware businesses around the world for over three decades. We understand the pressures: the need for capital intensive advancements, R&D investment, global expansion and vendor relationships, and optimisation of day to day global operations. We stand ready to provide tailored financial solutions so that you can focus on innovation that will lead the next generation of technology growth.

    Software & Internet

    The software industry is undergoing the most sweeping transformation of its existence. Cloud computing, mobile technology and big data are transforming the way people communicate and access information, while open source and a more global workforce make businesses more efficient.

    For software businesses, this transformation means new challenges, an increasingly competitive market and more pressure to perform, as well as new opportunities with new markets and new partnerships.

    Silicon Valley Bank helps software businesses overcome their challenges and capture the opportunities of ever evolving markets. We understand your unique characteristics and assets - value of your intellectual capital, the potential locked within your knowledge workers - as well as your cash flow challenges.

    We see where the industry, and your business within it, is headed.

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