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CIO Vantage Point
December 29, 2009 Posted by

Reviewing some of my older columns this week, I came across the article below that was written just over one year ago. Aside from the specific statistics I had cited, the general advice remains true embrace the horror that is

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CIO Vantage Point
February 07, 2011 Posted by
In fact, the Fed owns more Treasuries than anyone with a cool trillion dollars of those risk-free assets.  OK, maybe this was a trick question. I mean, after all, if I asked who owns the most IBM stock, you wouldn’t think counting the stock in their Treasury department would count.
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CIO Vantage Point
March 29, 2011 Posted by
Often when I'm asked to speak at events, I am introduced as an economist. When this occurs I do my best to correct the perception. In my view, to be considered an economist is a slur. Let me explain.
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CIO Vantage Point
January 20, 2009 Posted by
The cycle described above can be applied to today's economy quite well. It can be easy to focus on today's individual economic statistics too much and lose the overall picture of the economy.
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CIO Vantage Point
May 19, 2009 Posted by
I remember my father telling me that when over-the-road truck drivers arrive at their destinations, they don't have to help unload their cargo.
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