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    There are not many banks that service you in a division all of your own. We do.

    Silicon Valley Bank has a rich history of banking private equity and venture capital firms, with over 800 firms currently partnering with us. We know your business. We are well versed in the terminology, fundraising and investment cycles specific to your industry. We have a dedicated team focused on developing, tailoring and managing products and services to meet your specific needs.

    Building on our long and acclaimed success in the US, we have expanded internationally, meeting the needs of private equity and venture capital firms worldwide.

    Financing Solutions

    You're not like other corporate borrowers. Designing financing solutions and structured loans specifically for private equity and venture capital firms requires a thorough knowledge of the industry, its challenges and strategic goals.

    Silicon Valley Bank has the experience and connections to enable us do just that.

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    Commercial Banking

    There are many good reasons to bring your business to Silicon Valley Bank. We not only cater for your unique private equity and venture capital needs, but you can also benefit from our general day to day banking solutions. Our comprehensive commercial banking services have been designed with innovative, dynamic businesses like yours in mind. The solutions are flexible, intelligent and geared towards growth. We don't want our clients to stand still. Your growth is our ambition and we put all our energies into meeting that ambition.

    Simply put, as a global leader in banking the top private equity and venture capital firms, we not only speak your language, we are shaping the conversation.

    Commercial Banking Overview

    Funds Management & Valuation Services

    In addition to a comprehensive range of products, Silicon Valley Bank has an affiliate Fund of Funds business, SVB Capital. SVB Capital provides private equity and venture capital firms with extensive access to, and knowledge of, the industry at both the firm and limited partner level.

    Not only that, but SVB Analytics goes even deeper. Available out of the US, SVB Analytics provides strategic advisory, research and valuation services to the venture capital industry.

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    SVB Analytics


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