• Fraud & Security


  • We Take Security As Seriously As You Do

    Peace of mind comes from knowing the partners you interact with take security as seriously as you do. Silicon Valley Bank understands this and works hard to keep you and your data safe.

    As your partner we are not just concerned with our own security controls. We strive to be at the cutting edge of data security practice, providing information to help you work in partnership with us in adopting appropriate controls to keep you safe. We've got it covered.

    Secure Online Banking

    • Multi-factor authentication in SVB Online Services
    • No additional hardware needed to log in
    • Alerts that can be tailored to tell you about key changes in your SVB Online Services
    • IBM Security Trusteer Rapport offered without charge to work alongside your existing firewall and anti-virus software. See the UK Fraud Resource Centre for details

    Training and Education

    • UK Fraud Resource Centre to provide you with regular information and updates, including best practices
    • Training on SVB Online Services to help you understand how to set up your controls

    Data Protection

    • Adherence to relevant laws, regulations and industry standards to keep your information safe
    • Full disclosure of how we use your information in our Banking Terms & Conditions