• Trade Finance Solutions

  • Optimize Overseas Sales and Collections through Trade Finance Solutions

    Navigating the international trade marketplace can be challenging, for even the most sophisticated companies. You seek to expedite collections, manage repayment exposure and cross-border risk, build relationships with customers, and enhance your competitive advantage as you import or export goods and services. You do so against a backdrop of constant marketplace change.

    Silicon Valley Bank's trade finance experts are here to guide you. Over the years we've helped numerous technology, life science and wine industry companies to navigate their global growth. SVB's creative solutions have been recognized by the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank of the United States. Our experienced team leverages financial and regulatory expertise, comprehensive product sets, insight into trade practices, and extensive international banking, insurer, and credit granter relationships, to find just the right solution for your business. We are ready to provide hands-on guidance to navigating complexities of international operations and expansion for your global company.

    Ex-Im Bank Working Capital Guarantee Program

    Ex-Im Bank's working capital guarantee helps U.S. exporters, working with Silicon Valley Bank, obtain loans to produce goods or services for export. These loans, made by SVB and backed by the Ex-Im Bank guarantee, provide our clients with the liquidity to accept new business, grow international sales and compete more effectively in the international marketplace.   Learn more 

    Silicon Valley Bank is the national leader in providing Ex-Im Bank guaranteed working capital loans. We are recognized as a Super-Delegated Authority Lender, able to approve loans and receive an automatic guarantee from Ex-Im Bank for up to $10 million. This is the highest level of distinction awarded by the Ex-Im Bank and reflects our volume and capabilities. In recognition, SVB was recently named Ex-Im "Bank of the Year."

    Forfaiting and Accounts Receivable Purchase

    Forfaiting and accounts receivable purchase programs maximize your cash flow and minimize your export risks. We work with you to purchase your qualified short- and medium-term trade receivables so you can export with confidence and gain a competitive edge. These programs a frequently used to help clients finance software license payments streams or to customize solutions for medium to long-term contracts with overseas buyers that need extended term financing.

    Commercial Letters of Credit

    Import and Export Commercial letters of credit are one of the most common ways to execute international trade. Commercial letters of credit are safer than transactions conducted on open account terms, easy to customize, and allow for flexible financing options. Commercial letters of credit are typically used for imports and exports when the ability of the buyer to pay is uncertain, when required by a country's commerce regulations, or when a seller or a buyer needs to obtain financing.

    Export Bills Purchase

    SVB's export bills purchase program accelerates your payment collection and increases your cash flow by using export letters of credit with deferred payment terms. This ensures you have the funds you need, at minimal cost.

    Standby Letters of Credit

    A standby letter of credit provides a conditional guarantee, typically used in lieu of a cash security deposit on a lease or as an alternative to a performance bond that the beneficiary can turn to the issuing bank for payment. They are often used to support payment and performance instruments such as bid bonds, performance bonds, lease obligations, repayment of loans and past-due notices.

    Documentary Collections

    Documentary collections are a way to ensure you receive payment for goods, by tying the release of key trade documents to successful payment or acceptance. It's an effective way to mitigate payment risk and it's safer than relying on payment based on open accounts.

    Bankers' Acceptances

    A banker's acceptance is a unique negotiable discount instrument that enables you to finance the import or export of current shipments of readily marketable goods anywhere in the world. Bankers' acceptances provide short-term financing for the movement of goods, and are an attractive financing alternative as the rates are often more competitive than traditional credit facilities.