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  • Strategic advisory service: key financial data is fundamental to our research insights

    Information is power, especially when it comes to identifying and assessing the investment potential of early-stage companies. But the most reliable research depends upon access to verifiable financial analytics - otherwise forecasts may be merely speculative…and often inaccurate.

    SVB Analytics' strategic advisory service provides investors and entrepreneurs with valuation expertise to ensure more accurate, grounded assessment of a company's value in support of acquisitions, mergers, investments, and other strategic financing activities. SVB Analytics is the largest provider of valuation services to private emerging technology companies.

    Our sector expertise, including analytics and understanding of impactful macroeconomic factors, has been leveraged by corporate investors, and entrepreneurs to assist with strategic decisions.

    The Power of Proprietary Analytics

    The key strength of SVB Analytics' strategic advisory service is a proprietary database of critical financial data and analytics that allows us to provide unique, ahead-of-the-curve intelligence that empower companies and investors with strategies for innovation and growth. Our diverse client base of emerging high-growth companies coupled with public information offers investors a complete view of the market that translates into deep insights. SVB Analytics' strategic advisory service offers the following suite of services:

    •  Market Research and Intelligence: Timely proprietary qualitative and quantitative research on the most relevant data that can be customized and presented in standard investment committee formats.
    • Business Valuations: Expert valuations in support of strategic transactions for both investors and entrepreneurs.
    • Portfolio Monitoring, Measurement and Reporting: Complete assessment of investor portfolio performance.
    • Approval Process Support: Expedite deal negotiations with objective support.
    • Relationships: Access to a deep network of valuation professionals, entrepreneurs and investors.


    For over 30 years, SVB has been at the center of the venture capital world, reviewing business models and providing valuation services to thousands of early-stage disruptive companies. Because of this, SVB Analytics' strategic advisory service has access to unique data that allows us to make both grounded valuations of companies, and forecasts of new markets that help investors evaluate opportunities with leading early-stage businesses. SVB Analytics offers investors proprietary analytics and valuation experience not available by any other research service.

    Learn why more investors are relying on SVB Analytics Strategic Advisory Services for investment opportunities with high-growth innovative companies.

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    "SVB Analytics has been a pleasure to work with.Their experience working with venture backed companies and their investors gives us an informed and objective opinion on potential investments, and expedites the approval process. Partnering with SVB Analytics' seasoned team of professionals with deep sector expertise allows us to get more done."

    David Stevenson, Investment Principal for Merck Global Health Innovation Fund

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