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    SVBA’s experienced and sector focused valuation team has provided us with excellent quality reports over the last few years. The team is very professional, knowledgeable and capable.Reports are delivered on time and their response time on questions is excellent.Their work is known to and respected by our auditors, which takes as much pain out of the valuation process as possible.Along with the web based software solution CapMx which has been proven to be an incredibly easy tool for managing our stock options, not only are we compliant ready but also confident  we have chosen the best solution in the market.
    Steven K. Shevick, Chief Financial Officer

    SVB Analytics helped us implement a cost-effective and efficient solution for tracking our cap table and option grants, with dynamic reporting that lets us get the historical views our auditors and investors need. It was also refreshing to work with a knowledgeable customer service team that really understood cap table dynamics, rather than just an all-purpose call center. I wish we would have implemented CapMx two years ago. 
    Brad Downes, VP of Finance

    We chose CapMx for equity management and compliance over the competition based on recommendations from industry experts and affordability. Our implementation was easier than I ever thought it could be. The CapMx client manager performed most of the heavy lifting without added charges. Time spent with equity in our first audit with CapMx in place was signficantly reduced. We’ve been using CapMx for a few years with postive results in all areas of equity management and compliance.
    Bob Stenz, CPA, LogLogic Corporate Controller

    SVB Analytics' CapMx has a very comprehensive feature set for private company equity management and has proven easy and intuitive to use. We have benefited the most from its excellent reporting capabilities and the simple, straightforward 123R compliance calculations. CapMx has really helped us to comply with the requirements detailed by our corporate law firm and "Big Four" external audit firm. 
    Rick Foreman, VP Business Operations & CFO

    The CapMx option administration software, Participant View, has revolutionized the way we issue options to employees. It’s a very straightforward process for employees to electronically sign grant documents, check on vesting, or submit an exercise request. This cuts out the paperwork back and forth between our counsel, stock administrator, HR, accounting, and the employees. I cannot imagine issuing paper option grant documents again. 
    Ken Jowe, Controller
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