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Pardot Gets SaaS Credit Line From Silicon Valley Bank
Pardot received a line of credit today from Silicon Valley’s premier lending group, adding fuel to one of the fastest growing cloud software providers in the industry. Silicon Valley Bank, financier to 50% of the venture-backed tech and life science companies in the United States, has extended a significant line of credit to Pardot.
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Don't Let the Markets Get You Down (PDF)
1 In recent months, the question most frequently asked by clients of our valuation group is, “If I redo my valuation, how far will it have dropped?” The answer is, of course, that it depends. The valuation will most likely have fallen, but the question of how much is more difficult to discern … 3/15/09 Solar -67.2% Mobile Gaming -45.4% SaaS -43.8% Medical Device -43.9% Security Software -7.4 …
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Update: Company Valuations: Mining the Mother Lode (PDF)
MINING THE MOTHER LODE: OUR VALUATIONS DATA As we approach the three-year mark in the valuation business and have opined to the value of more than 1000 private venture-backed companies, we find we have begun to compile a critical mass of interesting and granular data on the venture landscape. In … business model (i.e. softwareas-a-service (SAAS) vs. enterprise software), investor composition …
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Is SaaS the Silver Lining to the Cloud? (PDF)
in the venture capital industry. We expect that SaaS innovation will expand during the economic recession and SaaS technology will become a mainstay of enterprise … article kicks off the SVB series on SaaS technologies.1 The first article describes SaaS technology and explains why demand for this … article discusses the best way to use SaaS in an enterprise’s operations. What is SaaS?SaaS is …
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Featured Commentary & Analysis

February 08, 2010 Posted by

Crisis gives birth to innovation. The proverb proves always true in the world of technology. As companies search for ways to power through the present economic downturn, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model has gained even more momentum.

Businesses in many industries and geographies have applied this service delivery model to a variety of business processes and achieved great success. By using a commercial vendor to develop the software, host its operation and provide Internet-based access and application support to customers, companies are able to reduce the cost of procuring and maintaining enterprise software applications.

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September 09, 2009 Posted by

The economic recession and financial crisis have cast a dark cloud over most of the venture capital industry. The popular press continues to report bad news: poor exit markets, reduced venture investment and employee layoffs at technology firms. Despite these glum reports, innovative technologies are still being developed and many promising venture-backed companies are maintaining revenue growth. One example is companies developing the software-as-a-service model, the technology more commonly known as “SaaS.” As a provider of banking services to SaaS technology companies and as a consumer of SaaS offerings, SVB has observed SaaS as one of the bright spots in the venture capital industry. We expect that SaaS innovation will expand during the economic recession and SaaS technology will become a mainstay of enterprise computing.

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Capital Access; Technology
December 16, 2013 Posted by
Cloud computing companies that have developed business models based on recurring revenue streams continue to attract attention in the press and the investment community.
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Dax Williamson
Dax Williamson
Director, Silicon Valley Bank
Central U.S., Rocky Mountain U.S., Southwest U.S.
Specializing In: SaaS, Medical Device
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