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Earth, Wind, and Fire: A Cleantech Perspective (PDF)
Earth, Wind, and Fire:A Cleantech PerspectiveIN THIS ISSUE Cleantech Defined Investment Trends: Venture Capital; Initial Public Offerings; Mergers and Acquisitions M&A Thesis on: Solar; Energy Storage; Water; Efficiency Technologies April 2007eaEArthTH, winINd, anANd fiIreE: A cleanteEANTEchH PERrSPECcTIVETABLlE OFf Cc …
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Ownership Transition in the Wine Industry: Obstacles and Strategies for Success (PDF)
Ownership Transitions in the Wine Industry: Obstacles and Strategies for Success January 20082 Ownership Transitions in the Wine Industry: Obstacles and Strategies for Success We owe a vast debt of … life’s work. Without good estate planning or cash set aside to make the payment, business assets … kind of money are we talking about? The net cash impact from tax consequences of a typical change in …
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The Tale of Two Subprimes (PDF)
by a specified pool of assets that generate cash flow. The … auto loans, home equity loans, student loans, equipment loans and other cash-flow generating … many new mortgage products such as second lien loans, hybrid ARMs, high LTV, interest only and no … to forecast— such as the First Data leveraged buyout, Sallie Mae’s proposed leveraged buyout, Home Depot’s major share repurchase …
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Economic Report - Fourth Quarter 2011
The Economic Booklet is our reference tool for clients. Displaying graph and chart views of the global … pg 18 Bond Issuance: Dominated by Treasuries pg 20 Flow of Funds: Follow the Money Train pg 21 … M&A market looks strong due to high cash balances, but valuations are becoming more difficult. At … or time of arrival. Unfortunately, with so much cash in the system, when the economy does catch hold …
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Economic Report q2 2013
The SVB Asset Management Economic Report, Q2 2013, is a review of and outlook on economic and market factors that impact global markets and business health. Our most recent Q2 edition focuses on housing as a special topic, as well as detailed content on the components of the U.S. economy, Euro Zone … 􀀂Speculation regarding monetary policy is driving cash out of higher risk assets and into liquid …
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Featured Commentary & Analysis

Economic Outlook
July 14, 2009 Posted by
In college I learned the proper way to pour a beer.
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FX Outlook
May 12, 2009 Posted by
Despite the fact that India is a relatively closed economy, it has not escaped the global financial meltdown.
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