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Oxford Finance Corporation and Silicon Valley Bank Close $12 Million Secured Loan Agreement with Medivance, Inc.
a $4 million revolving line of credit. The company plans to use the additional working capital to … top hospitals worldwide as a safe, effective cooling technology.” “Medivance has been a client for … solutions to its clients, enabling these companies to maximize their equity by leveraging their … Client Services. More information on the company can be found at About Medivance …
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Interpreting the Latest Venture Trends: From Bedtime Story To Reality (PDF)
with some sectors heating up and others cooling off. SVB Capital sees a parallel in venture capital … Of these 56 IPOs, 28 were healthcare companies, 20 were technology companies, four were consumer service companies, and … a provider of data management solutions. Each company realized a post-IPO market capitalization of … rather than true exits, as many of the companies on …
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Volume 6: Runway to Exit: The Long Road Ahead (PDF)
opportunity represented by an early stage, technology-driven company has matured. The bar is now set … acquisition have had a smorgasbord of bubble companies available … fire sale prices — and our data confirms that these bubble companies comprise the bulk of post-bubble deals. All of … line, we can expect over half of those companies from 2002 to still be private seven years later in …
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Earth, Wind, and Fire: A Cleantech Perspective (PDF)
Earth, Wind, and Fire:A Cleantech PerspectiveIN THIS ISSUE Cleantech Defined Investment Trends: Venture Capital; Initial Public Offerings; Mergers and Acquisitions M&A Thesis on: Solar; Energy Storage … Figure 7 Activity of 57 European Clean Energy Companies Since 1999 12 Figure 8 Number of Cleantech … to a kind of tipping point. Cleantech companies are beginning to mature into mainstream businesses …
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2011-2012 State of the Wine Industry Report
The 1980 spoof classic Airplane was a critical success, well, it was if you didn’t listen to the critics,but that’s not important right now. The movie introduced us to the lighter side of long-timecharacter actor Leslie Nielsen who played the part of Dr. Rumack. Nielsen, who passed away inNovember of 2010 followed that “hit” with forgettable roles in The Naked Gun series, The …
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Featured Commentary & Analysis

Economic Outlook
February 07, 2011 Posted by
In fact, the Fed owns more Treasuries than anyone with a cool trillion dollars of those risk-free assets.  OK, maybe this was a trick question. I mean, after all, if I asked who owns the most IBM stock, you wouldn’t think counting the stock in their Treasury department would count.
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FX Outlook
October 13, 2011 Posted by
As the last quarter of the year begins, the financial markets again find themselves in turmoil. The problems in Europe continue to focus on the sovereign debt problems of its weaker member states.
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SVB in the community; U.S.
August 15, 2013 Posted by
As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? If you're hanging around with Silicon Valley Bank, chances are you dreamed of being an inventor, an engineer, a computer whiz, a mathematician, a scientist.  You're a cool bunch of kids, and we need more of you.
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FX Outlook
January 26, 2010 Posted by

As they tend to do with remarkable frequency, politicians and regulators have become involved in various markets around the world over the past week, and the results have not been pretty for the most part. 

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Economic Outlook
May 19, 2009 Posted by
I remember my father telling me that when over-the-road truck drivers arrive at their destinations, they don't have to help unload their cargo.
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