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CEO Summit
Silicon Valley Bank is bringing you - our clients, the founders of some of the most exciting … Jeff Hayzlett and Maynard Webb. Gain the insight, knowledge and inspiration you need to BE … If you are interested in joining please contact Heidi Bianchi  at …
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Burntsand Secures $5 Million Credit Facility (PDF)
information to increase productivity and insight, Burntsand is a North American leader in … and partnership that measurably impacts its clients’ success … in 1983 and headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., the company serves clients around the world through 27 North American … the FDIC and the Federal Reserve. SVB Private Client Services is a division of Silicon Valley Bank …
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Will the IPO Market Make a Comeback? (PDF)
WILL THE IPO MARKET MAKE A COMEBACK? October 2009 VENTURE CAPITAL UPDATE 1 Since the early days of Genentech and Apple, the venture capital ecosystem has been a vital contributor to and enabler of economic growth in the United States. Venture capitalists have invested nearly $430 billion since 1990 … impact of venture capital, IHS Global Insight, an economics consultancy, found that 92 percent of …
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Dialing Down: Venture Capital Returns to Smaller Size Funds (PDF)
Dialing Down: Venture Capital Returns to Smaller Size FundsMay 2010VENTURE CAPITAL UPDATE 1Do small venture capital funds outperform large venture capital funds? SVB Capital is interested in understanding this issue and the many dynamics necessary for a healthy venture capital industry. Median fund sizes in venture cap …
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Volume 2: Bubble-Era, Late-Stage Technology Companies Continue to Receive New Funding (PDF)
SVB ANALYTICS RESEARCH SERIES Volume 2 “HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL” -ALEXANDER POPE, 1733 The explosion of late-stage technology funds in recent years had us wondering if venture capitalists have shifted along that elemental investor continuum that connects the extremes of fear and greed. Does the … we are now beginning to come across technology clients that are unabashedly Series G. There is of …
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Featured Commentary & Analysis

Capital Access; Technology; Venture Capital
April 16, 2014 Posted by
Claire Lee's Global Corporate Venturing magazine blog will be posted monthly covering trends in Corporate Venture and the innovation sector.
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Capital Access; Technology; Venture Capital
May 14, 2014 Posted by
Silicon Valley Bank’s Scott Bergquist notes that while fewer entrepreneurs expect to be able to tap traditional venture capital funds in 2014, corporate venture money may help fill the gap.
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FX Outlook
June 01, 2010 Posted by
After the blast of sharp risk reduction a couple of weeks ago, there has been a cautious reemergence of risk appetite by global investors in the commodity complex of AUD, NZD, CAD, NOK for currencies and with a little taste of gold on the side for "good luck."
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April 09, 2010 Posted by
The last year has seen a wave of investment and utility interest in home and business energy intelligence tools. Power providers and companies that supply infrastructure envision a smart grid that will provide significant improvements over the current utility distribution grid. Targeted improvements include automated meter reading, faster outage detection and repair, demand response tools to reduce energy usage during peak usage times, and load shifting capabilities to distribute power to high demand areas in real time.
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April 09, 2010 Posted by

The increasing integration of intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind and solar onto the grid has the potential to negatively impact overall electric reliability. Utilities and regulators at the state and federal level have promoted a number of pilots to explore new grid storage technologies, including flow batteries, compressed air energy storage, and flywheels. However, the benefits to the grid straddle jurisdictional boundaries between generation, transmission, and distribution. How should storage be paid for and by whom? What will be the public reaction in terms of siting, permitting, and local NIMBY resistance? How big a role can storage ultimately play in achieving renewable energy mandates, such as California’s 2020 RPS?

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