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Bacterin Secures Accounts Receivable Credit Facility
for medical applications, has secured an accounts receivable credit facility with Midcap Financial LLC … of up to 80% of Bacterin's eligible accounts receivable, as defined in the credit and security …
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Silicon Valley Bank Grants Gold Systems, Inc. Equipment Loan and Accounts Receivable Line of Credit
Boulder, CO -- March 21, 2001 -- Gold Systems, Inc., an independent provider of easy-to-use voice and wireless Web solutions for Global 2000 companies, announced it has received an equipment term loan and an accounts receivable line of credit from Silicon Valley Bank. A subsidiary of Silicon Valley ...
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SVB International Seminar Series: International Payment and Financing Tools to Increase Sales
SVB International Seminar Series: International Payment and Financing Tools to Increase Sales OnLine Seminar 10/5/2010 10:00:00 AM … 2010-10-05T15:00:002010-10-05T16:30:0001:30:00SVB International Seminar Series: International Payment and Financing Tools to Increase SalesOnLine SeminarFalseToday's dynamic companies are looking to global … Options for financing foreign account receivables  …
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Export Finance: The Tools and Techniques for Financing Your Foreign Sales
Export Finance: The Tools and Techniques for Financing Your Foreign Sales Online Seminar 11/9/2011 10:00:00 AM Wednesday, November 9, 2011 … Offering extended payment terms to your international customers can facilitate and increase your global sales. This online … look at Credit Insurance, Forfaiting and other programs to financing your open account receivable …
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SVB Asset Management Disclosures
into effect, the definitions below may no longer apply to your accounting reports. If any of these parameters are modified by the … Market Funds" security type, payables and receivables associated with unsettled buys and sells and … Benchmarks — Performance for your account is … chosen benchmark. It is important to note that transactions for your account may differ from those in the index, including …
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Featured Commentary & Analysis

FX Outlook; Global Edge
June 14, 2013 Posted by

The Indian rupee has been the worst-performing Asian currency over the past month. This last Tuesday the USD:INR rate reached 58.985 — an all-time high! This latest upswing in the USD:INR rate begun last month near 54.00 and was fueled by a combination of domestic and international factors (see below).  The all-time high rate prompted an unexpected appearance in the market by the Indian government. Their central bank , the Reserve Bank of India, intervened directly into the FX market by selling U.S. dollars. The intervention was successful, as it is now trading lower; however, seldom does one bout of intervention by a central bank turn the tide on a currency. I’ll make a side bet that intervention will be needed again to prevent further rupee weakness.

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FX Outlook
April 05, 2011 Posted by
Japan has been stuck in an economic malaise of historic proportions. Its stock market, the Nikkei, has fallen from a high of almost 39,000 in early 1990 to a closing level of 9755 on March 31, a decline of about 75 percent.
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FX Outlook; Global Edge
May 02, 2013 Posted by
The Australian dollar has been caught in a tight trading range ($1.02-$1.06) for the past nine months, and appears to be going nowhere fast!  The buying forces of offshore money - from both global investors in search of yield and speculators riding the momentum and "carry" trades - have been neatly balanced by the selling forces of Australia's weakening terms of trade*, falling commodity prices being the chief culprit. Of course, the biggest risk for Australia's economy and demand for its currency is China, it's primary trading partner - and China's economy is slowing! Our analysis below tries to cover the relevant factors in determining what's next in store for the Aussie.
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FX Outlook; Asia
February 01, 2011 Posted by
China's effort to create an offshore international market for its currency in Hong Kong has generated huge excitement. Since China liberalized trade settlement and investment rules last July, large amount of CNH (CNY that are freely traded in Hong Kong) has accumulated in Hong Kong's banking system.
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FX Outlook
August 24, 2010 Posted by
Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), Malaysia's central bank, has announced further liberalization rules for foreign exchange (FX) transactions with the aim of promoting "greater efficiency in the conduct of international trade and a conducive business environment in Malaysia so as to strengthen the linkages with the regional and global economies."
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