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Venture Capital
May 30, 2008
The goal of benchmarking is to measure comparative performance. When it comes to cars and other manufactured products, measurements are precise and benchmarks are consistently applied.
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Quarterly Economic Report
April 15, 2008
Bond trading activity has dried up as investors continuously shift toward safer alternatives.
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Venture Capital
February 25, 2008
In August of this year, the People's Republic of China will host the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing.
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Quarterly Economic Report
January 15, 2008
We held a positive view of the economy through much of 2007. Looking forward, it seems the jobs market could deteriorate significantly, putting more downward pressure on housing and driving us toward recession in late 2008.
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Energy & Resource Innovation
April 02, 2007
The opportunity created by growing global resource constraints, concerns over the security of energy supply, and the recognition of the environmental problems generated by current industrial systems has led to a kind of tipping point. Cleantech companies are beginning to mature into mainstream businesses. Although the opportunity is substantial, there are significant risks associated with an area that is just beginning to find its way.
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