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  • Our Investment Philosophy and Approach

    Wealth Advisory Strategy

    Our investment approach is straightforward: we seek to maximize after-tax performance for our clients' portfolios. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we operate as a fiduciary, committed to putting your needs first.

    Because of the nature of our clients' private investments, we balance such diverse assets as concentrated stock positions, alternative investments, unique assets, and public and private outside assets.

    Asset allocation model

    When we clearly understand your goals and risk profile, we determine the optimal asset allocation across and within asset classes.

    Combined active/passive tax-managed strategies

    We recognize the cost efficiency of passive investing across asset classes for your core portfolio. We choose tax-efficient strategies and perform tax-loss harvesting throughout the year where applicable. We seek to add value through selective active strategies for inefficient market segments, such as international small cap, emerging market equities, commodities and real estate.

    Ongoing monitoring

    We proactively manage your strategy, with periodic rebalancing that evaluates changes in the value of your private as well as public investments.

    Alternative investments

    We incorporate your private investments into your overall asset allocation and will recommend other non-correlated investments when appropriate, and when after-tax, after-fee performance expectations are strong.

    Wealth Advisory Services are provided through SVB Wealth Advisory, Inc., a registered investment advisor, and non-bank affiliate of Silicon Valley Bank and member of SVB Financial Group. Products offered by SVB Wealth Advisory:

    Are Not FDIC InsuredAre Not Deposits or Other Obligations of SVBMay Lose Value
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