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    Despite the economic uncertainty that prevailed during the first quarter, there are signs that the underlying economies are improving steadily in the US and Europe. While there were strong gains across global developed equity markets in 2013, enthusiasm for the upcoming year continues to be muted due to lingering questions regarding deterioration of emerging economies, Eurozone financial problems, and geopolitical tensions.

    In the US, employment gains, while moderate, were accompanied by robust income growth, which is likely a positive sign for future payroll improvement. Blue chip stocks ended the first quarter of the year at a near all-time high. Bond markets turned in a solidly positive quarter as yields fell when investors were spooked by emerging market jitters followed by indications that the Fed desires to keep rates lower than normal.

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  • Economic Report Q2 2014

    The SVB Asset Management Economic Report, Q2 2014, is a review of and outlook on economic and market factors that impact global markets and business health. Our most recent Q2 edition highlights Global Central Bank Monetary Policy as the special topic, as well as detailed content on the components of the domestic and global economy, investment performance, portfolio strategy and a number of other topics. In addition to the report, you may also refer to an online infographic which highlights the major concepts in the book. 

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