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  • Third Quarter Perspective on the Economy, Earnings, and Future Investment Performance

    It seems clear the Federal Reserve will end its Quantitative Easing program later this year, a move already priced into the market. Although the negative GDP growth in the first quarter was disappointing, it has not affected the outlook for higher interest rates next year.

    Most investors agree that global equity markets are not in the early stage of recovery and that valuations are no longer cheap, but our analysis suggests that a bear market is not imminent. Rather than relying on any one indicator, we consider a broad survey of multiple indicators to help explain our analysis and estimate of future equity market performance.

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    SVB Market Outlook Report

  • Economic Report Q2 2014

    The SVB Asset Management Economic Report, Q2 2014, is a review of and outlook on economic and market factors that impact global markets and business health. Our most recent Q2 edition highlights Global Central Bank Monetary Policy as the special topic, as well as detailed content on the components of the domestic and global economy, investment performance, portfolio strategy and a number of other topics. In addition to the report, you may also refer to an online infographic which highlights the major concepts in the book. 

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