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    Equity performance in the third quarter was generally negative, with only limited pockets of gains and plenty of turbulence. In our view, recent share weakness appears to be a correction, not the beginning of a trend reversal, and the bull market in equities remains intact in the US. In our report, we survey a broad spectrum of macroeconomic indicators to explain our analysis of future equity market performance.

    Guidance suggests that the fed funds rate will remain at its current level for some time, while many believe the fed funds rate will begin its ascent in mid-2015. The prospect of rising interest rates could have far-reaching implications on the economy and investment portfolios. We explore the potential effects of rising rates on various sectors of business and the economy.

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    The SVB Asset Management Economic Report, Q4 2014, is a review of and outlook on economic and market factors that impact global markets and business health. Our most recent Q4 edition highlights the “U.S. Return to Normal” as the special topic, as well as detailed content on the components of the domestic and global economy, investment performance, portfolio strategy and a number of other topics. In addition to the report, you may also refer to an online infographic which highlights the major concepts in the book.

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