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Mark Thylin
mark thylin
Managing Director
Silicon Valley Bank
Mark Thylin has over a decade of financial and accounting experience within the innovation economy, having spent ten years with Silicon Valley Bank as well as a variety of financial roles with Robertson Stephens Investment Bankers, Level 3 Communications and McKesson Health Solutions.

Currently, Mark runs the Private Equity Services Group for the western half of the Central US, which encompasses an area spanning from the Pacific NW through the Rocky Mountains and into Texas. In this role, Thylin is responsible for building relationships with existing and new venture capital and private equity firms. Prior to his role in Private Equity Services, Thylin ran the Arizona office for SVB which encompassed the greater Southwest Region of the US. During his tenure at the Bank, Mark has worked in multiple SVB offices including Broomfield, Co, Tempe, AZ, Santa Clara, Ca and Menlo Park, Ca.

Thylin currently resides in Denver, Co, where he earned both a bachelor’s degree in finance and an MBA from the University of Colorado.
Denver, CO

United States, Northern California, Central Coast CA, Southern California, Mid Atlantic, Midwest, New England, New York, Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain, Southeast, Southwest, Central, Texas, International, Europe, Canada, China, Israel

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Venture Capital And Private Equity Banking

Twitter: @mark_thylin

T 303 410 3415