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Ming Yeh
ming yeh 叶慧明
Managing Director
Silicon Valley Bank
Huoy-Ming Yeh heads up SVB Capital China. In this role, she manages all aspects of SVB’s relationships with the venture capital and private equity communities and leads SVB’s venture capital investment activities in China.

Yeh brings to the position more than 12 years of experience in venture capital and 10 plus years of direct operational experience in technology companies. Prior to joining SVB Capital, she co-founded PacRim Venture Partners, a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley and focused on early-stage technology investments. Before PacRim Venture Partners, Yeh was with the investment banking group at Lehman Brothers where she provided advisory work on mergers, acquisitions and public offerings for venture-stage companies.

Yeh’s background includes substantial technology expertise. She was a design engineer for Sun Microsystems, Key Computer Labs (acquired by Amdahl) and Prime Computer. During her years at Sun, she earned three patents for her work on the UltraSPARC processor.

Yeh is a member of the Wellesley College Business Leadership Council that supports the college in its mission to educate women who will make a difference in the world, and an executive member of Women In Leadership, a premier women’s leadership group whose members are senior leaders in the venture capital and private equity communities in China.

Yeh holds an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California and a bachelor’s degree in physics from Wellesley College.


叶慧明女士负责SVB资本中国地区的业务。在此职位上,她负责协调管理SVB与创业投资以及私募股权机构之间的全方位关系,并且领导SVB在中国的创业投资活 动。

叶女士在创业投资领域拥有超过12年的经验,此外还有10年以上的科技公司直接运营经验。在加入SVB资本之前,她共同创立了PacRim Venture Partners,这是一家位于加州硅谷的风险投资公司,专注于早期的科技投资。在加入PacRim VenturePartners之前,叶女士曾在雷曼兄弟公司的投资银行部工作,为创业企业提供收购兼并和公开发行上市方面的咨询服务。

叶女士的背景还包括扎实的技术专业背景。她曾担任Sun Microsystems、Key Computer Labs(之后被Amdahl收购)和Prime Computer的设计工程师。在Sun工作 期间,她就UltraSPARC处理器的设计工作赢得了三项专利。叶女士目前担任韦尔斯利学院商业领导委员会的委员,该委员会旨在支持学校完成其教育那些将来能在世界上创造不凡的女性的使命;此外叶女士还是中华女性创业 与投资协会的执行委员,该协会是一个高端的女性领导团体,其会员都是在中国风 险投资和私募股权界赫赫有名的资深从业人员。

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