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Allan Majotra
allan majotra
Director of Private Equity Services
Silicon Valley Bank UK
As the Director of Private Equity Services, Allan leads the private equity and venture capital practice at Silicon Valley Bank in the UK. Prior to joining Silicon Valley Bank, Allan was a partner at a venture and growth capital firm based in Spain. Allan has managed investments in Spain, Latin America and India and helped to raise two new funds. Allan has also previously worked as Head of Business Development and Marketing at eBay and founded a leading online specialty retailer. He has served as a Vice President in the Specialised Industries Group of Union Bank (Mitsubishi UFJ), Los Angeles, where he financed power, renewables and infrastructure companies. In addition to this, Allan has advised leading funds on internet investments and fundraising strategies and has also been a mentor to startups and a speaker and judge at major technology, venture capital and private equity events.

Allan holds an MBA (Sloan Fellow) from London Business School and is fluent in English, Spanish and Hindi.
London, England

International, China, Europe, India, Israel, National U.S., Northeastern U.S., Mid Atlantic U.S., Southeastern U.S., Central U.S., Midwest U.S., Rocky Mountain U.S., Northern California, Central Coast CA, Southern California, Pacific Northwest, Southwest U.S.

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