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Jackie McGuire
jackie mcguire
Investment Consultant
Silicon Valley Bank, SVB Asset Management
Jackie McGuire is the investment consultant for Silicon Valley Bank's clients in Southern California and the rest of the Southwest. She works with clients to define and articulate their investment philosophies through sound investment policies and to help them build investment strategies that balance returns with the unique liquidity and safety concerns of each company.

McGuire brings to SVB a background in both asset management and fixed income. Prior to joining the bank, McGuire worked at Fidelity Investments in various roles, from trading fixed income to financial planning and portfolio construction.

Jackie earned a Bachelor's in Economics and Finance from Southern New Hampshire University. She currently holds FINRA licenses 7, 9, 63 and 66.
Palo Alto (Hanover St.)

United States, Northern California, Central Coast CA, Southern California, Mid Atlantic, Midwest, New England, New York, Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain, Southeast, Southwest, Central, Texas, International, Europe, Canada, China, Israel

Specializing in:
Investments, Fixed Income, Investment Policy, Money Markets

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