professional summary
Head of Programming and Events
Silicon Valley Bank
Stacey Gerber is now at Sequoia Capital. Thank you.


Stacey Gerber was head of programming and events for SVB Financial Group. In this role she oversaw the development, marketing and execution of programs, events and sponsorships for the company. Prior to this, Stacey was director of marketing programs and services for SVB Financial Group, working on marketing communications for all of SVB’s business entities.

Before joining SVB, Stacey owned and operated several service businesses, and developed and sold residential real estate. Prior to that, she was an account supervisor with Zipatoni, a sales promotion agency working with consumer packaged goods companies. Earlier in her career, she was director of advertising for Fox Broadcasting Company, and worked in new business development for several advertising and promotion agencies.
Palo Alto, CA

Twitter: @sgerber