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  • Helping You Grow and Innovate in a Changing Industry

    The medical device industry stands at the crossroads between innovation and increased regulation. This fast-growing sector faces new taxes and potentially lengthier approval processes that could seriously handicap a cash-strapped company on the cusp of an important invention.

    In the face of rising regulatory-related costs, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) offers the medical device sector a suite of banking and lending solutions to help ensure operational viability. And to assist clients in making well-founded growth forecasts, SVB Analytics' strategic advisory services can provide clients with research on industry trends and niche analytics, such as exit timelines and valuations of comparable companies.   

    Banking Solutions to Expand Globally

    With the opportunity to circumvent lengthy FDA approval processes by launching products overseas and to enter the emerging medical device market in China, device companies' need for global banking solutions has increased dramatically. Silicon Valley Bank connects you with a global banking network to help you do business in over 60 countries worldwide with additional services and solutions that include:

    • Credit Solutions

      Range of credit solutions from large syndicated deals to asset-based and cash-flow lending to venture debt.
    • Treasury Management

      Global cash management products streamline receivables and payables cycles for secure access to operating cash. Our investment solutions — such as sweep accounts, money market mutual funds and sophisticated managed accounts — are customized to meet your investment horizon, from operating cash to strategic cash offered by our fiduciary asset management team.*
    • International Solutions

      Tailored services and solutions, such as FX, letters of credit, Export-Import Bank financing, and documentary collections, for financing international growth and hedging currency risk around the world.
    • SVB Analytics

      SVB Analytics' proprietary data translates to deep insights and fact-based growth forecasts that make sense of macroeconomic trends, and ensure more accurate company valuations.
    • Startup Resources

      SVB's Accelerator Bundle offers all the banking products startups need — at preferred pricing. Mentorship offered to companies through our network of relationships with several top incubator groups and introductions to acquiring companies, reputable funds, and potential strategic partners.

    Contact us to learn why more medical device companies are relying on Silicon Valley Bank for banking solutions to help navigate this changing industry.

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  • *Disclaimer: Money market mutual funds are offered by SVB Securities, a wholly owned broker-dealer subsidiary, member FINRA/SIPC. Managed accounts are offered by SVB Asset Management a non-bank affiliate of Silicon Valley Bank and registered investment advisor. Products offered by SVB Securities and SVB Asset Management are not FDIC insured, are not deposits or other obligations of Silicon Valley Bank, and may lose value. Sweep accounts are offered by Silicon Valley Bank.