• Healthcare Services

  • Helping You Navigate Complex Trends and Challenges

    Few industry sectors are as complicated or touch more lives than healthcare. Service providers must continue to meet the growing demands of an aging population, comply with changing political and governmental regulations, and adapt to emerging technologies — all while reducing expenses to achieve profitability and remain competitive.

    An increasing number of healthcare companies rely on Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) for banking solutions and guidance to address the complex issues and challenges facing the sector's wide range of businesses - from home healthcare and hospice to clinical labs and other outpatient providers.

    SVB has helped healthcare providers maintain liquidity while addressing their working capital needs, such as offsetting direct and indirect reimbursement risks influenced by delayed billings and a changing payer mix. Our years of experience mitigating risks in this sector give us a unique advantage to not only manage volatility but also help clients maximize cash flow efficiencies and optimize their investment strategies.

    SVB's knowledge of healthcare's bright spots allows us to identify credit and financing opportunities and facilitate merger and acquisition deals on behalf of our clients. From banking to proprietary analytics not found anywhere else, SVB offers healthcare service companies the following suite of services:

    • Credit Solutions

      Range of credit solutions including cash flow-based term loans and revolvers, leveraged buyout and acquisition financing, and asset-based loans to help providers meet short and long-term strategic goals. Partnerships with several large institutions to finance sophisticated, capital-intensive club and syndicated deals.
    • Treasury Management

      Global cash management products streamline receivables and payables cycles for secure access to operating cash. Our investment solutions — such as sweep accounts, money market mutual funds and sophisticated managed accounts — are customized to meet your investment horizon, from operating cash to strategic cash offered by our fiduciary asset management team.*
    • SVB Analytics

      SVB Analytics' proprietary analytics provide deep insights and fact-based growth forecasts into emerging provider trends to ensure more accurate valuations of companies targeted for acquisition, merger, or additional rounds of funding.

    Contact us to learn to learn why more healthcare service companies are relying on Silicon Valley Bank for banking products and insights into their industry.

  • *Disclaimer: Money market mutual funds are offered by SVB Securities, a wholly owned broker-dealer subsidiary, member FINRA/SIPC. Managed accounts are offered by SVB Asset Management a non-bank affiliate of Silicon Valley Bank and registered investment advisor. Products offered by SVB Securities and SVB Asset Management are not FDIC insured, are not deposits or other obligations of Silicon Valley Bank, and may lose value. Sweep accounts are offered by Silicon Valley Bank.