• Life Science & Healthcare

  • Michelle Dipp, CEO and Co-Founder, OvaScience

    Providing You with Industry-Tailored Solutions

    From breakthroughs in personalized medicine, genomics, and medical devices to the transformation of delivery of care and development of software solutions, life science and healthcare companies are finding ways to advance human health more cost-effectively.

    For many companies, the financial impact of lengthier development cycles, more stringent regulations, and extended sales and reimbursement cycles can impede innovation and growth. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) provides advice and solutions to help companies reach their full potential.    

    Committed to Growing Your Business

    For capital needs, SVB meets the disparate challenges of life science and healthcare companies with tailored credit solutions and insights supported by powerful proprietary financial analytics. SVB's credit structures — ranging from large syndicated deals to cash flow-based and asset-based lending to venture debt — offer superior value due to our deep understanding of industry dynamics and risks.

    SVB also empowers companies to maintain a competitive edge with working capital and investment solutions to optimize liquidity, capital preservation and return. We have the expertise and track record to make your money work best for you.   

    For clients looking for potential customers, partners, acquisitions, or investors to grow their business, SVB's deep connections with industry influencers include large healthcare providers, big pharma, growing companies, promising startups, and the investors — top-tier private equity and venture capital firms as well as corporate venture funds — focused on life science and healthcare.  Our proprietary SVB Analytics' valuation and advisory services enable companies to make informed decisions based on our industry-leading valuations methodology and our detailed forecasts and analysis of the financial implications of industry and macroeconomic trends.

    Expanding Your Business Globally

    Particularly for life science companies, those expanding globally can leverage SVB's international products and services for global R&D and sales growth, managing cash and investments, and hedging currency risk around the world. Our network spans over 60 countries with cross-border solutions that include foreign exchange, letters of credit, factoring, documentary collections, forfaiting and Export-Import (EXIM) Bank financing.

    Banking Solutions

    • Credit Solutions

      Range of credit solutions from large syndicated deals to asset-based and cash-flow lending to venture debt.

    • Treasury Management

      Global cash management products streamline receivables and payables cycles for secure access to operating cash. Our investment solutions — such as sweep accounts, money market mutual funds and sophisticated managed accounts — are customized to meet your investment horizon, from operating cash to strategic cash offered by our fiduciary asset management team.*

    • International Solutions

      Tailored services and solutions, including letters of credit, trade finance, FX solutions, and Export-Import (EXIM) Bank financing, to enable international growth and hedge currency risk to ensure a competitive advantage.

    • SVB Analytics

      SVB Analytics' proprietary data translates to deep insights and fact-based growth forecasts that make sense of macroeconomic trends, and ensure more accurate company valuations.

    • Startup Resources

      SVB's Accelerator Bundle offers all the banking products startups need — at preferred pricing. Mentorship provided to companies through our network of relationships with several top incubator groups and introductions to acquiring companies, reputable funds, and potential strategic partners.

      In the evolving life science and healthcare sectors, companies need a financial partner that understands both their unique challenges and impact of emerging macroeconomic trends. SVB provides companies with the financial support to make the next medical breakthrough.

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