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May 19, 2010 Hanover Office, Palo Alto
Join us along with two of the FDA's top legal advisors from the previous administration for an interactive breakfast conversation that provides a look inside the FDA. Learn More

May 11, 2010 Portland, OR
Please join SVB Asset Management's Chief Investment Officer Joe Morgan for an informal presentation and discussion surrounding the current state of the markets, where they may be headed, and how to invest your corporate cash in 2010. Learn More

May 07, 2010 Marriott-Copley Place
This session will provide an in-depth look at the challenges facing treasurers and CFOs today, focused on how to reassess and reinvigorate your investment strategy to take advantage of a changing environment. From defining your cash to developing an appropriate risk infrastructure through outsourcing and tracking performance, it is important to continuously reevaluate how the crown jewels of your corporation are being protected and used for growth. Learn More

May 06, 2010 Online Webinar
Not only is hedging an important defensive move, but if used effectively, it can be a valuable offensive strategy for your company and its shareholders. By hedging, or actively managing your company's foreign exchange exposure to protect revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities from exchange rate volatility, you can minimize disruption to the business and improve the bottom line. Learn More

May 04, 2010 Seattle
SVB Asset Management invites you to join us for an in-depth look at the challenges facing treasurers and CFOs today, and how to reassess your investment strategies to take advantage of a changing environment. Learn More

May 04, 2010 - May 05, 2010 Burlingame, CA
Systemic market challenges, the aftermath of the financial crisis and an unprecedented number of policy threats have propelled the venture capital industry to a critical juncture. Nevertheless, venture capitalists are experts in finding opportunities amidst turmoil and change. Learn More

April 29, 2010 - May 01, 2010 Nantucket, MA
Each year, the Nantucket Conference brings together a small group of creative and forward-thinking entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, and executives. There are several reasons why the Nantucket Conference is a must-attend gathering. First, there are unique opportunities for exchanging ideas and networking in a relaxing, informal environment. Second, sessions on Nantucket elicit the kind of real-world war stories and insight that you don't hear at any other conference. Finally, this isn't an event produced by a conference company that churns out dozens of cookie-cutter events each year. Nantucket is organized by a group of people -- our Advisory Board -- who actually work in the technology space every day. Learn More

April 29, 2010 - May 02, 2010 Paso Robles, CA
Each year, Hospice du Rhône produces an exceptional three-day wine event, in Paso Robles, California USA ,that is globally regarded as the single most essential and enjoyable gathering of international Rhône wine producers and enthusiasts. During the wine event, attendees expand their knowledge of the twenty-two Rhône varieties, while rubbing elbows with the winemakers whose passion spurs the inspiration and energy that sets the tone for every seminar, meal and tasting at the spirited affair. Learn More