Overcoming Payment Hurdles: Solutions for Saving Time and Streamlining Processes

October 30, 2012

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For growing businesses, the payables process can be frustrating, from the need to enter the same information repeatedly, to the amount of paperwork that piles up. Managing accounts payable can demand a significant amount of time and resources while providing little operational visibility and control. Our panel discussion offers advice on streamlining and enhancing payment processes, improving cash management, and operational efficiencies, while increasing security defenses against fraud.

Among the topics covered:

How small and medium size businesses are handling their current A/P processes
How the banking industry is responding to the changing landscape of mobile, different payment options and security
The elements of an effective payments platform
How to make your payment process more secure
Best practices in streamlining A/P processes


BC Krishna, President & CEO, MineralTree
Theresa Scavone, Controller, Open Mile
Bryan Laws, Senior Director, Product Management, Silicon Valley Bank

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