• Entrepreneur Services Group Testimonials


    UserVoice "Raising money is all about relationships and very few relationships paid as many dividends as the one with SVB. I know what you're thinking — "a bank?" — but SVB's help was instrumental in our fund-raising efforts. More than just cold introductions, the SVB team took the time to learn about our business and helped us identify investors that would be a good match for our business (and then do introductions). A huge asset. You don't get that kind of information or value at other banks."
    Richard White


    LendingClub "Venture Exchange introduced us to the firm that ended us leading our Series B round. They have unique insights into the VC community and know better than anyone which VC is truly going to be a fit with the company. They understand entrepreneurs and are respectful of our time, and only make introductions when it makes sense. We are grateful to the Venture Exchange team for a great Series B round."
    Renaud Laplanche
    Lending Club


    NearbyNow   "We're big fans of the SVB Investor Forum. We presented in December, 2007, and addressed questions from dozens of investors at once, which really helped us understand how we were viewed. We also met Josh Goldman from Norwest Venture Partners, who ultimately led our Series C financing and joined our Board of Directors. I would highly recommend this excellent venue to any entrepreneur."
    Scott Dunlap
    Founder & CEO


    Infusionsoft   "SVB's Investor Forum was perfect for us. We were able to refine our pitch, get top-notch mentoring and gain invaluable experience pitching our company to a room packed with VC firms. Not only that, but immediately after our pitch, we opened conversations with a number of VCs in the room and we struck up a relationship with Mohr Davidow Ventures, the firm we ultimately partnered with on our Series A financing. I can't thank SVB enough for the opportunity to present at the Investors Forum. I'd recommend it to any and every entrepreneur who is seeking funding."
    Clate Mask



    "Building a world-class software as a service (SaaS) company, Symplified needs great investors committed to the long term view of building a fast-growing company. SVB's Venture Exchange brought great experience and relationships to Symplified quickly accelerating our ability to capitalize on this opportunity. SVB understands the needs of startups like Symplified, and the demands of a fast-moving business like nobody else."
    Eric Olden

    Veodia "The SVB Venture Exchange program rocks! They understood our business, gave us great feedback and helped us get in touch with the right investors at the right time. On top of that, the whole team is friendly, helpful, and flexible. Their intros led to our Series-A round and I just can't think of any reason not to sign up."
    Guillaume Cohen
    Founder and CEO


    Solexant "I had such a positive experience with SVB three years ago that I came back. SVB Capital's Venture Exchange Program is great for entrepreneurs ... SVB has a massive rolodex and access to just about any VC."
    Damoder Reddy
    Founder and CEO


    Jitterbug "Venture Exchange helped keep the momentum going and our spirits high; they understood our focus and carefully helped us select investors who matched our needs; then they opened doors and were diligent about follow-up. Would I recommend Venture Exchange to venture seeking entrepreneurs? I certainly would."
    Arlene Harris
    Chairwoman and Founder
    GreatCall, Inc., creator of Jitterbug™


    Gamestrata "Is working with Venture Exchange worth your time? Absolutely. SVB knows the challenges that entrepreneurs face and that's a tremendous asset. The team has an incredible finger on the pulse of the VC community. They really know what's going on."
    Lance Smith


    Arroweye Solutions "It was a pleasure to work with the Venture Exchange team. They provided valuable connections, guidance, and insights on the fundraising process. The SVB team was able to open doors to the right investors and we ultimately landed the funds we needed. We definitely recommend their services and would not hesitate to use them again in the future."
    Doron Friedman
    Arroweye Solutions


    Red 5 Studios "We would not have targeted one of the firms from whom we received funding if it were not for an introduction from Venture Exchange. Given SVB's presence and direct relationships with people who are actively investing in key markets, we were able to get excellent and timely introductions to the firms we wanted. SVB is terrific. I've been a client with them through four companies."
    Garett Wiley
    Vice President
    Red 5 Studios


    LensVector "Venture Exchange is a good team to have in your corner. They gave us the connections we needed and increased my confidence that we were going to make the financing happen - and we did. I'm very pleased."
    Derek Proudian


    FastScale Technology "It's great to have a partner like SVB Capital whose mission in life it is to make the right connections. Working with the Venture Exchange Program was the most efficient and effective way to get in front of the investing audience we wanted. SVB's reach and diligence is unparalleled. We've successfully landed funding from two VCs as a direct result of Venture Exchange introductions to general partners."
    Lynn LeBlanc
    FastScale Technology