Board of Directors


SVB Financial Group

Roger F. Dunbar
Chairman of the Board, SVB Financial Group

Greg W. Becker
President and CEO, SVB Financial Group and Silicon Valley Bank

Eric A. Benhamou
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Benhamou Global Ventures

David M. Clapper
Chief Executive Officer of Minerva Surgical, Inc.

Joel P. Friedman
Former President, Business Process Outsourcing, Accenture

C. Richard Kramlich
Co-Founder and General Partner, New Enterprise Associates, L.P.

Lata Krishnan
Chief Financial Officer, Shah Capital Partners

Jeff N. Maggioncalda
President and CEO, Financial Engines

Mary John Miller
Former Under Secretary for Domestic Finance, U.S. Department of Treasury

Kate D. Mitchell
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Scale Venture Partners

John F. Robinson
Former financial services industry professional and banking regulator

Garen K. Staglin
Proprietor, Staglin Family Vineyards and Co-Chairman, One Mind for Research


Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank's board comprises the SVB Financial Group board members, plus:

Ken Wilcox
Chairman, Silicon Valley Bank

Harry Kellogg
Vice Chairman Emeritus, Silicon Valley Bank