• Payables Solutions

  • Are you paying more—and maybe sooner—than you should?

    The way you manage payments directly affects your business efficiency – especially if you transact in cash or checks. Let Silicon Valley Bank advisors help you make full use of the alternative payment methods to extend payment terms with suppliers, eliminate paper processes and manual data entry, effectively reconcile accounts, and monitor for fraud.

    Our comprehensive payables options include:

    Electronic Payables


    Make payments around the world easily. Simplify payment processing while lowering costs, reducing errors, and mitigating fraud risks.

    Automated Clearing House (ACH) Transfers

    The ACH system provides a low-cost electronic transfer network governed by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). You can make electronic payments using a variety of industry payment formats. Using our online banking platform, you can take advantage of web-based security and technology to expedite and facilitate your ACH payment orders. Our ACH system streamlines payments and collections while improving productivity, so you can manage and automate activities including direct payroll deposits, tax, bill or loan payments, dues or subscription collections, and the concentrating of funds from multiple accounts.

    Bill Pay Plus

    Streamline your payments workflow with our new bill payment platform—SVB Bill Pay Plus. Integrated within SVB Online Banking and your accounting software, Bill Pay Plus gives you a simple way to manage your entire business payment process online, automating routine tasks such as check signing so you have more time to focus on your business. Learn more.

    Wire Transfers

    Use wire move services to transfer funds through our online banking platform, quickly and efficiently, domestically or internationally, in virtually any currency. Wire transfers offer same-day availability of funds, and confirmations are provided through a variety of methods for your convenience. Our platform allows you to define multiple levels of secure initiation and approvals, accommodates single and high-volume disbursements, and supports free-form, templated or imported wires.

    Business Credit and Debit Cards

    Enhance your cash conversion cycle by increasing both payable days and working capital. Increase your understanding of spending through better tracking and data management to improve cost savings and controls. Learn more  

    Cash Management Tools


    Improve cash forecasting and reconciliation to save time and money. Create account relationships to meet your internal accounting needs. Manage your funds effectively and avoid unnecessary service fees.

    Account Analysis

    Manage your funds effectively and avoid unnecessary service fees. Benefit from a competitive earnings credit rate calculated on the average balance of deposited funds to offset service costs. Get full transparency through SVB's itemized account and balance information.

    Controlled Disbursement Accounts

    Get checking account disbursement totals early in the day so you can make informed funding decisions. Our account reconcilement options integrate with your internal systems for increased efficiency, and our positive pay service can help in the battle against check fraud. Plus, our check issuance service allows you to outsource your check-writing needs.

    Zero Balance Accounts

    With zero balance accounts, checks are written, disbursements are made and the net balance is transferred from a concentration account. The multi-tier zero balance account allows you to create account relationships to accommodate your internal accounting needs. Funds can be transferred automatically to concentration accounts tied to a master account.

    Fraud Prevention


    Fraud Control Services

    SVB’s Fraud Control Services can help protect your organization’s deposit accounts from check fraud. It’s part of a full range of fraud control and prevention solutions that extends across cards, online banking, and more. Learn more.

    Fraud Resource Center

    Learn best practices to help you better understand, manage, and mitigate the risks of online banking and global treasury services. Our Fraud Prevention Center offers information about fraud prevention and business best practices aimed to enhance the overall security of your business. Learn more.