• Corporate Multi Card

  • Combine purchasing and travel-and-entertainment credit cards into one program, to enhance control of your company's spending.

    Companies today face ambitious spending reduction goals designed to lower their overall costs. As they compete for business at home and around the globe, many feel pressure to better manage and forecast the costs of purchasing and travel and entertainment spending, both of which impact cash flow and expenses.

    Buzz Multi Card
    • Ideal for large corporations with a high level of card spending
    • Unifies purchasing and travel-and-entertainment
    • Extensive virtual card and payment management
    • Custom controls, reporting and analysis

    Silicon Valley Bank's MasterCard® Corporate Multi Card program helps you take efficiency to the next level. By combining the two most vital company credit cards functions—purchasing and T&E—the corporate multi card program integrates card activity across categories, giving you a clear, unified overview of company expenses so you can easily analyze patterns. Detailed reporting through MasterCard smartdata.gen2™ will help you negotiate deals with vendors. With the superior access to information and better integration of data into your system, you'll gain unsurpassed control and flexibility. And the efficiencies of successful Multi Card usage have been shown in industry studies to reduce manual procurement process costs by up to 76 percent,* with additional potential savings through revenue share and vendor and expense management system costs.

    Advanced Corporate Payments Capabilities

    Beyond providing a powerful unified cards program, the SVB Corporate Multi Card program enables you to take advantage of an integrated payments platform, for a seamless way to migrate costly check disbursements to electronic payments. Through SVB Transact Gateway and Purchase Control, your company can generate one-time virtual card numbers for payments, with set limits based on your payment instructions. This approach safeguards each virtual card against unauthorized use and simplifies reconciliation. It can help streamline the accounts payable process, reduce costs, and generate revenue through our card rebate program.

    Global Acceptance, Security and Ease

    An EMV-standard microchip enhances security and global acceptance. Enjoy tap-and-go convenience with MasterCard contactless, at participating businesses. Manage accounts online, and receive key account and fraud alerts online and on mobile devices.

    Gain the Benefits of Greater Oversight and Control

    By combining the functionality of the purchasing card and corporate expenses card into a single integrated platform, you gain a complete spending picture from accurate data generated from multiple spending areas.

    • Control expenses with preset spending limits on purchasing amounts, number of transactions, type of supplier, and other criteria
    • Change purchasing authorization and spending limits easily
    • Implement financial controls easily across the card program
    • Customize cards to employees' spending needs
    • Access quality data that allows better visibility into spend and compliance—which can be used for vendor negotiations and help drive bottom-line savings
    • Give your company's employees the convenience of just one card, accepted by more than 32 million merchants globally, with a simpler buying process, preset limits and controls, and extensive business and travel benefits including card protection features
    • Enjoy one point of contact for all card issues


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    *RPMG 2010 Purchasing Card Benchmarking Survey, RPMG 2009 T&E Card Benchmarking Survey

    Business Credit Card benefits are provided by MasterCard. Some restrictions apply. See your card agreement for program terms and conditions. MasterCard is registered trademark of MasterCard Worldwide.
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