• Software & Internet

  • Today's challenges will turn into tomorrow's opportunities...With SVB as your partner, you'll be well prepared for both.

    The software industry is undergoing the most sweeping transformation of its existence. Cloud computing, mobile technology and big data are transforming the way people communicate and access information, while open source and a more global workforce make businesses more efficient.

    For software businesses, this transformation means new challenge—an increasingly competitive market and more pressure to perform—as well as new opportunities with new markets and new partnerships.

    Banking Emerging and Established Software Leaders

    SVB helps software companies surmount the challenges and capture the opportunities of ever-evolving markets—all while staying laser-focused and relevant in the face of these dynamics.

    For nearly 30 years, SVB has dedicated itself to software and internet industries around the world, through dramatic market cycles and transformative technology eras. We understand software companies' unique characteristics and assets—the value of your intellectual capital, the potential locked within your knowledge workers—as well as your cash flow challenges. We see where the industry, and your company within it, is headed. The next disruptive technology companies are likely banking with us.

    Banking Solutions

    • Financing Solutions

      Our strategic advisors can tailor financing solutions—from simple lines of credit to acquisition financing to complex structures for international growth—to help you meet your short and long-term strategic goals.

    • Global Treasury Management Solutions

      Tap into our global network of services in more than 60 countries around the world, with tailored solutions for financing international growth, managing cash and hedging currency risk. We can structure solutions that help you collect, concentrate, disburse, and secure cash, and manage risk around the world.

    • International Banking Solutions

      Accelerate cash flow, minimize the risks of nonpayment and maintain a competitive edge with SVB's extensive trade finance knowledge and tools including letters of credit, factoring, acceptance financing, documentary collections, forfaiting, EXIM Bank financing, credit insurance solutions and more.

      SVB also has expert FX advisors who can help you design FX hedging strategies that protect you from currency volatility and provide a competitive advantage in the countries where you do business using a variety of instruments in an extensive variety of currencies.

      Contact us to see how SVB's expert advisors can provide banking solutions that help you meet your business needs. Our dedicated professionals offer a level of service you'll rarely find elsewhere.