Webinar: International Expansion - Improve Your Competitive and Cash Flow Opportunities

May 08, 2013

Webinar: International Expansion: Improve Your Competitive and Cash Flow Opportunities
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Many growing companies find it hard to determine how to navigate international business. This session discusses strategies and solutions to help you successfully expand overseas while managing risk.

Adriel Lares, a former CFO of 3PAR, guides you through his experience and the finance solutions applied along the way. He also discusses how foreign exchange hedging early can reduce risk and increase profitability.


The following topics are covered:

  How to select the best strategy for your company
  When to employ FX tools including spot contracts, forward contracts, over-the-counter options,
  structured strategies and foreign currency deposits
 3PAR case study


Mary Jo Mack, Senior Advisor, Silicon Valley Bank
Adriel Lares, former CFO, 3PAR

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