Webinar: Going Global: Expanding into Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, or the Philippines

November 13, 2013

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Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines are viewed as dynamic markets ripe for expansion. These four up-and-coming growth economies are seen by the international community as emerging powers in the Asia/Pacific region, and provide new markets for technology and healthcare firms in which to sell, source and invest in the Asia/Pacific region. They are collectively known as the Asian Tiger Cubs, so named because they have followed the same export-driven model of economic development pursued by the original Asian Tigers — Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea.

Among the topics our panel will cover:

Scott Petruska, Sr. Foreign Exchange Advisor, Silicon Valley Bank
Carla Winfield, Sr. Trade Finance Advisor, Silicon Valley Bank
Huoy-Ming Yeh, Managing Director, SVB Capital

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