Webinar: Export Financing - The Tools and Techniques for Financing Your Foreign Sales

April 23, 2013

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Cross-border trade can bring business risk. But companies are finding that it also opens up immense opportunities for business growth - through use of trade finance tools and techniques that can help you manage risk, expedite revenue, and build new customer relationships.

This online seminar explains the export financing options available to help you conduct business overseas. Our guest speaker, Rob Guthrie of the Export-Import Bank of the United States, discusses the programs available to you through his agency.

Among the topics we discussed:

 Introduction of Ex-Im Bank and its key products and services
 How the Ex-Im working capital guarantee program can help you to grow your export revenue, obtain more 
 borrowing capability and manage your foreign collection risk
 Case study of an SVB semiconductor client


Li Song, CFA, Senior Director, Silicon Valley Bank Structured Trade Credit
Rob Guthrie, Business Initiatives Specialist, Export-Import Bank of the United States