The U.S. Innovation Economy at a Crossroads: Will the U.S. Maximize its Global Market Opportunities for Startups?

May 16, 2012

Startup Outlook

View the Startup Outlook 2012 report, infographic and webinar replay

Startup Outlook 2012, Silicon Valley Bank's annual survey of U.S., private, venture-backed software, hardware, life science and cleantech companies, will reveal:

  • Which tech sectors are hiring the most this year
  • How and if the U.S. education system is preparing future employees
  • How U.S. startups are leveraging foreign markets, or not
  • Washington's progress, or lack of, against issues that help or impede startups' prospects for success
  • The success rate of the U.S. presidential candidates in reaching entrepreneurs
  • Startups' recommendations for U.S. policymakers to strengthen the U.S. innovation economy

Join Silicon Valley Bank and investor Jeff Clavier on this live online webcast as we reveal the results of SVB's Startup Outlook 2012 and its implications for startups and the innovation economy. Mary Dent, SVB's general counsel and head of government affairs, will describe the findings of the annual report, and together, she and her co-host will discuss the opportunities and challenges for today's entrepreneurs as well as US policymakers' likelihood to leverage their input.

Jeff Clavier, Founder and Managing Partner, SoftTech VC
Mary Dent, General Counsel and Head of Government Affairs, SVB Financial Group.

Startup Outlook 2012 Report

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