Technology on The Move: The Car as the Ultimate Mobile Device

Silicon Valley Bank, Kellogg Auditorium, 3005 Tasman Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054
June 13, 2012

Over the next few years the computing power of the average car is set to explode. By 2014, it's predicted automobiles will be in the top three fastest growing areas for connected devices and internet content.

The technological potential of our vehicles is set to accelerate rapidly. What can your business do to avoid being left behind?

On June 13, 2012, BABC Northern California is hosting a half-day conference in Silicon Valley to discuss the future growth of automotive technology. From entertainment and driver assistance systems, to radar, batteries, location applications and the connectivity between cars and mobile devices, our panel of experts will be analyzing a wide range of opportunities for innovation and development. Not to mention the ultimate computerized vehicle – the self-driving car. Our speakers will also be putting the spotlight on the present and future investment climate surrounding automotive technologies.

Held at Silicon Valley Bank's Kellogg Auditorium in Santa Clara, there will be time throughout the afternoon for networking with fellow senior executives. We'll be rounding off the day with drinks on the patio.

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