SVB Analytics and Armanino McKenna Present: Equity and Share-Based Payments - What Every Early Stage Company Should Know

Online Seminar
October 15, 2009

Join SVB Analytics and Armanino McKenna, LLP for a panel discussion of mistakes to avoid in equity accounting.

Paul Tarell, Jr. of Armanino McKenna LLP will provide insight regarding:


  • Pronouncements relating to equity instruments
  • Classification issues — is it a liability or is it equity?
  • Impact of classification on initial and future recognition and measurement

Carolyn Fox of SVB Analytics — eProsper will discuss expense recognition issues including:

  • Valuing and recognizing expense for share-based payments and warrants
  • Early exercise: the private company expensing landmine
  • Disclosure requirements
  • Determining the impact of modifications to options

Eric Hall of FLG Partners will review management best practices including:


  • Valuation of the Company's common stock: 409A vs. FAS123R
  • Who performs the valuation, third party or internal? Granting share-based awards
  • Equity recordkeeping and documentation
  • Year end audit preparation

Jannet Calix, Director, CapMx Product Development

To register, visit For more information, contact Eileen Nolan at 408.654.6376 or 

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