SVB Analytics Q3 Quarterly Trends Report: How is Your Industry Sector Performing?

Online Seminar
January 25, 2012

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New SVB Analytics data and metrics indicate strong sales growth for the technology and life sciences industries. In this webinar playback, our panel of experts review the factors driving your industry and affecting your company's performance. You'll gain deeper insight into how your sector is performing relative to other sectors in each industry, and to the industry overall. Measure how your company is performing relative to your peers with new insights from our research.

The discussion focuses on:

  • Key financial trends for Q3 2011 on emerging company performance, detailed by sector (Software, Hardware, Life Science and Cleantech), and for each sector, by their segments.
  • The impact of the improving Q3 economic environment on the performance of the sectors and their segments.
  • In-depth discussions of diagnostic metrics - such as the newly introduced "viability ratio" - for measuring the financial health of key tech and life science sectors.


Dave Krimm, Head of Strategy and Research, SVB Analytics
Tony Yeh, Managing Director - Research, SVB Analytics


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