Hospice Du Rhone

Paso Robles, CA
April 29, 2010 - May 01, 2010

Hospice du Rhône (HdR) represents and embodies the spirit of Rhône varieties and those who produce the wines made of these unique winegrapes.

Each year, Hospice du Rhône produces an exceptional three-day wine event, in Paso Robles, California USA ,that is globally regarded as the single most essential and enjoyable gathering of international Rhône wine producers and enthusiasts. During the wine event, attendees expand their knowledge of the twenty-two Rhône varieties, while rubbing elbows with the winemakers whose passion spurs the inspiration and energy that sets the tone for every seminar, meal and tasting at the spirited affair.

A perpetual non-profit business league, Hospice du Rhône also hosts the annual Robert Parker California Rhône Tasting and continues to provide educational opportunities.

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