CommNexus: Mobile Healthcare Applications Development: Challenges and Opportunities

Mintz Levin, 3580 Carmel Mountain Road #300, San Diego CA 92130
March 15, 2012

Today there are mobile healthcare applications bridging the gap between doctors and patient and there are applications to monitor all aspects of the body and health. Many more are being developed and many more new thoughts and ideas of how we view health and wellness are coming into existence very rapidly. Developing these successful next generation healthcare and wellness applications goes beyond traditional data collection and sharing. It means navigating the regulatory waters, developing to various standards and creating compelling and even entertaining applications for uptake and usage. This discussion will cover the process of creating Mobile Health Applications and how it encompasses end-to-end solutions that facilitate continuous access to health care information, expert advice, or therapeutic intervention—enabled by remote sensing, ubiquitous telecommunications networks, and smart systems and platforms.