BIOCOM Breakfast Meeting: The Promise of Personalized Medicine - What Challenges Lie Ahead

Hyatt Regency La Jolla 3777 La Jolla Village Drive San Diego, California 92122
April 11, 2012

Please join us on April 11th for a timely discussion that will focus on the challenges facing personalized medicine. We are pleased to have John Sterling, Editor in Chief, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News back to moderate a conversation that will address the following questions, and more....

• A number of current diseases are related to lifestyle (e.g., obesity, lung cancer due to smoking). How will patients and providers manage the shift that will be ushered in by personalized medicine that will change the healthcare paradigm from treatment to the prevention of disease?

• Different countries probably view personalized medicine in their own unique ways. How do providers plan to deal with country-by-country variation regarding the regulation and approval of personalized medicine products?

• What are the major ethical, privacy, and confidentiality issues surrounding personalized medicine and how might these concerns be addressed?

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